Architectural Plans

Architectural consulting is the first step to any construction, and it begins right where the thought for a personal space germinates in your mind. Lushlife has a range of pre-design and design services that includes, but is not limited to, assistance in site selection and acquiring statutory approvals, site planning and survey, architecture and structural design, plumbing and electrical design, and more. Lushlife supports you in the process of procurement and cost management, with a keen focus on complex tasks such as cost estimating, bidding process, and cost audits among others, coordination with varied teams involved in the building, contracts management, facility management and so on.

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Interior Designing

The interiors of a building must reflect the personality of those using it. Lushlife creates customized interiors that speak for its owners. From the skylights that enhance space to the contrasting earthy tones which incorporate the interplay of light and space to create a symphony in architecture. We chose reputed brands that provide a modern and lasting hue to the amenities. Our attention to detail can be seen reflected in the efficient lighting which enhances the beauty of the morning sun and sets a stage for evenings in ambient interior reactions.

Lushlife gives you an initial run-through on what your spaces will look like, with detailed hand sketches; we will follow these up with a 3D presentation so that you know what each nook will look and feel like. Our focus is on creating unique spaces that are designed around a stipulated budget and a predetermined set of priorities. Your spaces will never reflect the stress and strain of your daily life!

Reviewing Construction Plans

Our desire and vision are to create an industry-leading organization that would push the boundaries of construction. From villa projects and apartments to commercial constructions and independent residences, we have expertise in contracting services that range from construction, renovation, and other property development essentials. We have judiciously selected contractors to meet an assortment of construction needs; rest assured that you will not have to worry about a thing.

Project Management

At Lushlife, we ensure all the work is completed on time and within the budget, without any compromise on the project quality and deliverable. We offer professional project management services that
include overseeing the planning, design, and construction of a project, while meeting all pre-determined project requirements. We cover a variety of services such as on-site management, cost estimating and analysis, schedule monitoring, phasing milestones, fullling contract requirements, ensuring effective and steady communication, and so on.

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Home Loans

Lack of financial resources can put a stop to one’s aspirations of owning a home. Lushlife helps to pull all those stops out and make headway in the direction of owning a dream home with our home loan approval and disbursement process services. Starting with the appraisal process, which involves verification of all the personal details and official paperwork submitted, validating the accuracy of the information, followed by technical and legal evaluation, which involves conducting an evaluation of the property intended to buy or use as security. Our home loan executive will guide you through the process of loan sanction, assisting you in the compilation of documents and understanding terms and conditions, among others. While the entire process may seem complicated to many, Lushlife ensures that we are with you at every stage, easing you onto the path to your dream home smoothly.

Home Care

If buildings are meant to last forever, they need care and frequent maintenance. Lushlife offers home care services for preventative maintenance to ensure your living and working spaces stand the test of time. Deterioration is a reality we are aware of, and we offer timely preventive maintenance and on-call repair services to ensure you get the best value out of your construction investments. Whenever your spaces need repairs, replacements, or remodeling, Lushlife’s quality home care provides you with reliable services by sending in the best technical teams to your location, at the most affordable costs.